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About Us.

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Our diverse experiences, spanning the roles of founders, funders, advisors, mentors and exited entrepreneurs enables us to understand the challenges and opportunities that arise when scaling a business.
Leading the charge is Ian Merricks. Following on from his days as an entrepreneur, Ian has been at the forefront of the UK’s startup and scaleup ecosystems, pioneering investment-focused training.
In our mission to venture funding a less disruptive process for founders, we've created VenturePath, a dynamic community for founders.

Meet The Team.

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Alex Packham

Venture Partner

Recently exited entrepreneur, having made great use of VenturePath's support, Alex shares his insights and experience of growth and fundraising with our members.


Piers Linney

Venture Partner

Serial founder turned investor and former Dragon on Dragon's Den, Piers shares experiences and contacts with members of the VenturePath community. 

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