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The community trusted by UK tech founders with ambitious growth and investment goals

Exclusively for UK tech scaleups looking to grow, raise capital and scale faster; VenturePath supports founders through personalised business growth planning, leadership learning, a trusted community of fellow founders, a vetted expert network and £6bn of associated VCs, all available through a private app.

What is VenturePath?

Recognising that scaleups are in continuous growth mode, VenturePath's on-demand support ensures founders grow, raise and scale faster.


Through business growth planning, VenturePath provides a clear path to achieve your company's growth and investment goals through:


  • A powerful peer-referred community of venture-backed founders, exited entrepreneurs, industry experts and VCs

  • Personalised learning content designed to address key pain points faced by scaling businesses (delivered in-person and virtually)

  • Investment strategy and end-to-end investor relationship through to completion  

Until now, founders, often isolated, navigate all these challenges independently, learning 'on the job'. VenturePath changes the process of scaling a business and raising capital through trial and error into an efficient and structured process.

This is a well-trodden path for us, and our funded founders. This is VenturePath.

VenturePath Launch Party Highlights
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Strategic Partners

VenturePath community members have access to an established ecosystem of additional support, covering the investment industry, Government, policy, data and insights, coaching, peer entrepreneurs, underrepresented communities and media partnerships.

VC Network

An engaged VC base with £5bn of capital to deploy. Our Investor Blackbook service helps you access these and a wider pool of 1,100+ investors. Support from our experience of closing £500m+ of deals.

Leadership Learning

100 hours of archived growth training modules and fortnightly live interactive business growth training sessions available on an opt-in basis. Drawn from a decade of providing growth programmes to 1,000+ entrepreneurs.

ScaleUp Experts

Carefully curated, tried and tested ScaleUp Blackbook service. A base of specialist scaleup experts each vouched for by fellow scaleups. We've made thousands of introductions / placements previously, working with these experts.

Funded Founders

VenturePath is the private community of the most ambitious founders, beginning to scale and potentially raise VC investment. We've supported 1,000+ founders since 2011.


Membership from £1,000 pa

For UK tech founders (£1-10m+ revenue stage) with ambitious growth and investment goals. VenturePath streamlines the growth and investment process through:

  • Quarterly growth diagnostics providing each member with a bespoke growth plan, focusing on what really matters; proven strategies to expedite your growth

  • Access to on-demand leadership learning content including 50+ hours growth training and weeklyin-person and virtual events.

  • Access to a community of fellow funded founders, exited entrepreneurs, experts and £6bn associated VCs.

  • 2 complimentary tickets (£500 value) to the VenturePath annual celebration of success

Additional investment support is available on an opt-in basis and is subject to success fee. VenturePath's investment support includes:

  • Investment focused diagnostics 

  • Access to an additional monthly VC events 

  • On-demand access to investment readiness training

  • Proposition refinement and documentation preparation 

  • Warm introductions to shortlisted VCs through to completion 

Join The Community

Join the growth investment community for highly ambitious scaleups. You'll have access to fellow founders, at or beyond your stage, leadership learning and events, UK's leading investors and specialist scaleup expertise from a vouched for pool of tried and tested scaleup experts.

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